Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Soufflé: How to rise to the occasion - every time!

Michel Roux, the Chef & Restaurateur, who has written all there is to write about soufflés will point to three very specific elements of a soufflé.

To begin with – La Préparation.
You can’t rush a soufflé. You SHOULDN’T rush a soufflé.
Under beat the eggs and you don’t have a binding agent, over beat, and the air is gone. If you mix rather than fold, you lose precious air and the chance for your masterpiece to really shine.
The overall result? A soufflé that won’t reach the table looking greater than a puddle at the bottom of a well prepared ramekin.

The next thing Roux points to is Les Ingrédients.
Are they fresh? Can they hold their own? Do they mix well to be a harmonious, well risen taste?

Roux is adamant on this. You need Le Temps to create the perfect soufflé. Have you practised enough to master the art of the soufflé? It’s simple yet complicated; one element will affect another and so on and so on.
This is to do with how long you are allowed to make the soufflé. If you want a quick-fix, try the burger!. But to really make a soufflé, you got to be patient.

So if you want to really learn the tricks that can produce a better soufflé, join our Cooking Atelier of Monday 15th of October at GOU.
Theme: La France gourmande
Recipes: Soufflé au bleu- Paupiette de saumon aux asperges, sauce beurre blanc

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